How to be a great passer

Even if I would like to say otherwise, scorers get all the attention. If you wanna get to the next level, you will have to prove you can put the ball in the basket. Here is how you do just that.

Become an efficient [private]3pt shooter – You don’t have to become Ray Allen overnight. However, a decent 3pt shot will do a lot for you. First, it will make you score 1 more point each time you make one. Second, it will open up other opportunities when defender realize you can shoot. That space will allow you to do more scoring.

Become a GREAT mid-range player – This is where it’s at. You need a deadly mid-range game. Face it, you won’t shoot 10 3s each night, and you won’t have 10 layups unless you are lightening quick. Even then, defenses will adjust and will send backside help each time you touch the ball. Most of your points will come from the mid-rand. Develop a great pull up jumper.

Attack the rim! – Obviously, shots in the paint are hight percentage shot. You need to get there as often as possible. Attack the rim strong with power lay ups. Do not avoid contacts. You want to get fouled; three point opportunity – a free throw is an easy shot, and you gave a foul to one of their players. Great scorer provoke many fouls.

Run the break – When your point guard has the ball after an outlet pass, you need to be the first man down the court. EVERY TIME. This is the easiest way to score points and has nothing to do with talent, but willingness to run.

Crash the boards – generally, if you are a good offensive rebounded, you will get many second-chance shots (which generally become three point plays).

[/private] Do the math. If you play 15 minutes, you can get 4 fast break points, 4 second-chance points, 1 three pointer, 1 lay up in traffic, 3 free throws, and 1 pull up = 18 pts. This is only an example (DO NOT PLAY FOR STATS, PLAY TO WIN).

Try these techniques, and let me know it worked for you,

Coach Steve

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New off-season workout program

Hello guys,

Youth basketball drills program

New program released today

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Summer Work Out Program 101 is released!

Hello guys,

Summer Work Out Program 101 is now available!

The program is great for kids age 14 and up. If you are less then 14, I will release a program for you soon!

Click on the following link to download [private] youth-basketball-drills-offseason workout [/private]

Enjoy and work hard,

Coach Steve

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Shooting: How to develop a great shot

Shooting is arguably the most important offensive skill a Basketball can have. If you can’t shoot, you will have a tough time as a basketball player. Here are a few principles you need to keep in mind when you work on your shot. Youth basketball drills, shooting

1.    The power comes from [private] your legs.

Many basketball players make the mistake to believe that the stronger their upper body get, the easier it will be from them to shoot the ball. To a certain extend, it is true. However, legs is where most of your shooting power comes from. Notice how many shoot short at the end of a game. That’s because they are tired (Have you heard of “he needs to put more legs into it?”). If you want to be a great shooter, you will need to have strong legs.

2.    Mechanics will improve consistency

Your shooting mechanics are crucial. Look at every good shooter; they all have consistent and great mechanics. It all starts with the shot preparation. Be prepared to shoot before you even catch it with your legs bend facing the goal, and shooting hands ready. Do not fade, or shoot out of balance. Make sure you land at the same place you jumped from. Lastly, maintain perfect follow through with you shooting hand in the basket after your flick your wrist.

3.    Each shot is important

Take each shot seriously. No matter what the situation may be (practice, park, game, free throw, horse…), each shot must be an attempt at creating the perfect technique. In other words, always shoot to make, don’t shoot to play around.

4.    Confidence is key

Great shooters have great confidence in their shot. They think they cannot miss (even when they are having an off-night). That great confidence comes from hours of work spent working on the shot (legs, follow through…). Hit the gym! You should take at least 500 shots a day as a high school player if you are serious about going to college. [/private]

I hope you will use these tips. There are great shooting drills that should help you work on your shot!

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Basketball priorities. Which skill should you acquire first?

In basketball, each skill is an asset. The goal of a career is to have all the skills, and have a high basketball IQ. I will help you get there, but the game is extensive and there are MANY things to learn. So where should you start? The following is a list of basketball priorities. [private]

  1. Learn how to deal with failure
  2. Develop great shooting habits
  3. Triple threat positioning
  4. Learn how to see the open man (how to pass)
  5. Learn how to dribble without looking at the ball with both hands
  6. Learn different lay up styles
  7. Learn how to drive
  8. Defensive positioning (On the ball, strong side, weak side)
  9. Learn how to contest shots
  10. Learn how to rebound
  11. Understand time and score
  12. Learn how to lead

[/private] I will develop about these topics in the following articles.


Coach Steve

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Skills – if you have this skill, no one will be able to guard you!

If you want to get points and more wins this season, you need to become an all-around player.

One super simple way to do this is [private] to work on a different skill set every day. Work on one skill very hard one day, and become very good at it. Once you feel comfortable with that new skill, DO NOT RELY ON IT WHEN YOU PRACTICE AGAINST OTHER PEOPLE. Actually, you should consider your practice opponent as guinea pigs: Try your newly acquired skills against them until it becomes natural.

When the new skill is natural, and actually went from being an weakness to a strength, go to the next skill. When I was younger, I remember playing and shooting only with my left hand. I would force myself to dribble all the way to the court only with my left hand. Once at the park, I only played (even shots) with my left hand. Of course I lost quite a few games playing that way, but pretty soon, my left hand got strong. The guys I was playing against could not make me go left anymore, and the right hand was my natural hand. [/private]

I think you understand the concept now! I takes a bit of patience and courage, but it’s worth it

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Every shot counts

Every shot countsYou shouldn’t be shooting just for the sake of it. Each shot should be your best technical shot. Don’t focus on your points, but on how hard you play, points will come. Look at Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan, even if they are off balance they will ALWAYS maintain their follow-through.


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Be an all-around player

Become comfortable playing any position. Develop perimeter and post skills so that you will be able to play in any system and for any coach. Besides, during an off-night, you will have many assets to fall back on. Make sure you listen when your coach explains a skill or a play to someone who does not play your position.


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Hello world!

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